Attention Lethargy Inertial Disorder (ALID)

In a world where ADHD is more than the new normal, it is the new standard for functionality – the people who can’t keep up are suddenly the ones with the “disorder”

Does your mind feel sluggish? Do you ever feel like the minds of your friends are whizzing around, but you’re stuck in first gear? If so, you may have Attention Lethargy Inertial Disorder (ALID)

You can find out by thinking about responses to the following questions:

  1. At home work or school do you find it difficult to switch from one topic to another without feeling confused?
  2. Do you find that you get absorbed or lost in a single task like reading a long report or book?
  3. Especially in groups, do you find it hard to follow the natural chain of conversation if it switches topics?
  4. Do you sometimes feel numb and slower to respond emotionally than your peers?
  5. Do you have trouble forming your thoughts in response to questions? This may include symptoms of long silences staring off at the ceiling while the person you are talking to waits impatiently.
  6. Are your relationships strained because others feel the need to help you finish your sentences due to your long pauses?
  7. Do you have trouble multi-tasking?

If you answered “yes” to more than 3 of the above questions you may have ALID. The good new is, you don’t have to spend life in the slow lane anymore. The consequences can be serious- From getting passed over for that promotion to deteriorating relationships. Good thing – there is help. Many people just try to drink more caffeine, but ALID is a serious neurological condition that needs treatment.

Ask your doctor now!


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