The electronic cigarette has the power to fill the void of banned cigarettes. It has the power to capture all the upsides of smoking without the downsides. The only problem is that the quality of the current products are low, and their producers are being fundamentally un-creative. (one of the worst insults I can give)

First of all – the vaporizer is just a delivery device. It has basic components of a battery, a vaporizer, a liquid cartridge, an LED and a place for you to put your mouth to puff. These are very limited constraints and provide two very important degrees of freedom.

1) The form of the device need not resemble a real cigarette or pipe in any form. It could just as easily look like a whistle, or a dragon.

2) The substance being vaporized can have any flavor and any content or level of nicotine. It could be any other soluble substance that can be absorbed through the mouth, nasal passages or lungs.

The new lighter is actually a charger. Fast charging an e-cig presents the possibility for the same social activity of asking for a light. Electricity, rather than fire becomes the currency.


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