Up in Smoke – the new prohibition

Smoking is a very persistent meme. This cultural practice has been a principal component of human civilization since civilization has existed – if not before.

Yet, in the past 5-10 years it has been systematically marginalized in our culture. In many countries smoking has been banned in bars, restaurants, the workplace and any indoor public place.

When alcohol, an equally entrenched drug meme was subjected to prohibition that didn’t last long. Right now we are in limbo waiting for the backlash. I made the case that there are many positive aspects of smoking, aside from the drawbacks. So the question is – What will fill the void?

The answer seems obvious Electronic cigarettes. The sales growth of e-cigarettes has shown a steady clip and the question will be how much regulatory backlash slows it down. With far fewer health risks though – this is sure to be a new fixture of modern society.


About livingthememe

engineer and armchair philosopher
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