Now THIS is how you do it. Yayoi Kusama takes dots to a whole new level. Certainly she had slightly different themes in mind, but it validates quite well some of the observations found in the first dot experiment that I did in Harvard Sq. last summer. What’s neat about this is that each individual had multiple opportunities to place stickers and the outcome was still overall the same.

From my individual small person experiments it was much more common to get pictures. You can see one girl makes  a question mark with stickers. It was common in my small group trials to get flowers. It seems that with enough dots, that everything blends together.

The real challenge here is not to let people run wild. We know that entropy wins in the end, but how can might we see order and patterns emerge? I tried a seed design in the repeat version this past summer.

When the weather is warm again there will be yet another trial – this time with video. I’m on a slow iteration cycle, but there will be progress (and chaos).


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