Making stress reduction addictive

Introducing a new social addiction; It’s habit forming, and will cause you to take time out of your day to feed this new demand- Only this time ever break you take will make you healthier, more socially aware, feel better and more in control. There are no harsh chemicals, no toxins, and no drugs. You won’t believe it will work until you try it for a month. Give us a chance to change the way you deal with stress, health, and psychological wellbeing.

What are some of the biggest Problems in society?

  • As a modern culture, technology has allowed for massive productivity improvements. However these technological aides are not without negative side effects.
  • We are constantly on call with the buzzing of our phones for an endless stream of emails, news alerts, tweets, meetings and low battery warnings.
  • At all available free times we must be staring at a screen for TV, news, social feedback, or the next generation of infuriatingly addictive game.
  • We under-sleep, over-caffeinate, under-think, overeat, self-medicate every ailment. We look for the no work workout, and seek more widgets, gadgets and apps in search of that extra minute to fit it all in.
  • We connect with our friends in phantom measures, through remote monitoring of facebook

What are the results?

  • Stress is one of the biggest killers in America. It leads to
  • People who sleep less are less happy, less productive
  • Have less fulfilling relationships
  • Physical ailments connected to poor posture, repetitive stress, poor health.

What simple things can people do to improve their lives?

Well. there are no easy answers. There are many systemic real problems that require hard work and dedication to deal with. The proposal starts with some simple measures to regain control.

It begins with simple meditative techniques that are simple and easily integrated into daily life. Take five minutes to go outside, focus on your breathing, cool off, stretch and re-focus. In any situation, however stressful, it is amazing what 5 minutes away from it for a moment can do.

What mechanisms exist to accomplish these measures?

Ironically, there are some harmful habits which have some important elements of this program. Take cigarette smoking for example. It became a socially acceptable reason for any person, at any reasonable break to step outside be alone with their thoughts, take some deep breaths and relax. It was a convenient way to talk to strangers, and was even thought to be cool. If it weren’t for the carcinogenic toxic smoke, it might still be a great way to encourage mental health breaks. Today smoking has been largely shunned, and coffee breaks have provided some of the same filler in society. People congregate around the water cooler, but these do not seem to have the same ability to let people reflect. In the case of coffee it also leads to another drug addiction that can disrupt our normal sleep cycles.

How would one deploy this idea to have a real impact?

How can we capture the positive elements of smoking without all the negatives? Here is an outline for a simple program. Start with something harmless like gum. Perhaps something that still involves a hand and mouth component like a plastic inhaler. It should have a positive impact like freshening breath or cleaning teeth.

The program will involve a pack of this item which will be carried with the user at all time containing 5 units. Each with a particular function. The user must take each of these breaks every day and perform a simple set of instructions in each package. Each time it is important to go to some outdoor environment.

  • Social (Red): when taking this unit, during your 5 minute break you must talk to somebody you don’t already know. Offer them a stick of gum or breath tube and encourage them to join the program
  • Muscular (orange): Take a moment to identify a region of tension in your body and spend your 5 minutes focusing on relaxing those muscles. Focus on posture.
  • Breathing (blue): Breath deeply, hold it, exhale, repeat. Just focus on your breathing. Feel the air coming in and out of your lungs, feel your heart beating.
  • Introspection (yellow): Defocus your eyes and just think. How are you feeling? What is really important? Refocus, repeat priorities, take a moment to contemplate an important decision.

Each color unit can be taken in any order, but all should be used each day.

How to start a movement?

Nothing begins by itself. It would take a substantial movement to create social adoption and acceptability of this unusual strategy. However, we have seen books like born to run identify a way in which society has over-designed solutions to a problem that may not have every existed; the way we run.

This book would have a simple layout and content model. Each section would focus on a different area of self-improvement with several subchapters identifying important elements. The format of each chapter would be modeled after several successful pop-social science books in the spirit of Malcolm Gladwell and emotional intelligence.

  • Introduce the problem with a relatable anecdote of a person with a real problem
  • Provide scientific or spiritually established practices that explain why there are negative effects
  • Illustrate simple ways where individuals can take control of their lives through simple measures

Release a product to provide one month free of a supply. If your life isn’t better after that, then you get your money back.


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