Format Fatigue

For many of us in the older gen y and all the more established market savvy folks – we have experienced more than a decade of web explosion. Regardless of whether this latest series of social web innovations is a bubble or not – there are still alot of new things even from established players. Google+ is the latest, and for some of us this will be our 5th social network, and at least the third simultaneously. It begins to be a little exhausting. So i thought it would be fun to vent a little frustration in the form of a parody of the super early adopter… here goes. If you want to come up with a beat for this rap and post it – go for it!

Remember back when you thought, facebook it was just a fad
you stayed and played it oldschool, AIM chatting with your mom and dad
Well NOT me I’m on every trend, follow it till the end
got more power then the mobsters – the earliest adopter

2000s kid has been a boom! i spend the decade in my room!
signing up for all the sites, tweeting, posting all my life

I’m the social web king –
one tweet start the arab spring
follow me on the latest thing

hear me cause now i gotta sing!

You see i tweet, blog, digg, 15k firends on facebook
Off the wall i got the likes, retweets, clickthroughs and mad looks

comment on what i share cause you know you want to
you got 50 facebook app requests from me because i know what’s new

i got followers like ashton
friends like zuckerberg
check my blog on wordpress
google pages yeah ya herd?

Stumbleupon, truemors, yamer, reddit and streakr
if you never heard of these you better turn up your speakers
I’m the posterous poster child, rouf and tumblr so beware
I’ll slashdot your pinboard ning and kaboodle like i just don’t care

ping mixx smack diigo sphinn plurk twine
you wish your sharaholic clicks could keep up with mine

i got the very first + invite
Me and google we so tight
everyday we wave because
It’s just me left on google buzz

hupspot tv guest spot
let me show the thumbs up i got
try keeping up with me
you better pray for net neutrality

jailbroke my iphone – lock that shit bio-iometricly
Jobs asks me keep it quiet cause they stole the patent from me
i don’t need no damn pose cause i always role with 4Gs
txt up a storm i got the fastest thumbs that you will ever see

i’m singing in the phone cause i got “make me t-paine”
see playas in the club just pretend to make it rain,
look around at those sukas but really they just cash-strapped
Check my mint to see i’m loaded scollin 15 pages of my apps

I got mad algorithms pandora asks ME what to play
I’m on the spotify, groveshark and like.FM i say
four square if you dare – checkin in so check me out
If you ain’t heard yet I’m the mayor of this place no doubt

location based services so yeah i know where it’s at
looped in, scvngr, layar playa what you think of that?
make you yelp in surprise i got an open table there for three
groupon living social double coupon so the meal was free

Don’t ever doubt my hardware, I got this wack mac stack
imac, mini, air, ipad, iphone and nano in my backpack
in my home i got nine screens and my browser’s alwasy chromed out
fandangoo before i go so that you know it’s never sold out.


About livingthememe

engineer and armchair philosopher
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