Augmented Reality Fashion

Clothes have always expressed social identity. A new app will enable wearable augmented reality to display hidden features available only to those in the know.

Intellectual Context

The world of  fashion has always been creating group boundaries. Self identification factors that are written in a language of esoteric social cues. This language is visible in the increasing unbelievable trends, slang, mannerisms, colloquialisms and norms. Each generation reinvents these social practices with the specific intent of being different from the previous generation. These practices provide a sense of common identity for the in group and a sense of power in the security of having a language, a set of inside jokes that “the grownups just don’t understand”.


How to implement

It started with QR tags that went to websites. Then there were the same barcodes, but that triggered 3D images from a certain app. Now, any picture with the right border can show a rendering, of full 3-d animation with sound. All it takes is a smart phone and something to point it at. As the ability to recognize gets better the tags can be put on more diverse surfaces: A hat, a t-shirt, a backpack, a back pocket.

What you see can be as diverse as your imagination. Transformers helmet?

Burger king head?


Psychological Reinforcement

Now wearers of the AR fashion can imagine themselves with the digital projections of their real selves. For example instead of a log simply embodying a lifestyle and an ethos. Wearing clothes can embody a visual representation. Want to wear a fur coat in the summer? Put this tag on your back. What to have body armor, robot appendages? It’s all possible with the right recognition engine. Now your imagination isn’t the only representation of self. It’s visible to your friends. Finally your personal imaginary projection gets a little more real through your friend’s camera phone.


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engineer and armchair philosopher
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