Do you really know what you want?

Are our desires defined from divine self direction? No. Are they pure specific biological needs? No.

Often times we act as though when we “want something” that it is as objectively clear as that. For example – I want a coke. Why? Because I just want it. Is that really the answer? I probably want something to drink because I’m thirsty, but coke doesn’t provide hydration. I may want something sweet and¬†caffeinated, but why not iced tea, coffee or mountain dew?

The answer is one that marketers try very carefully to control. But it is not only in the hands of the faceless multinational corporation. Our culture and biology have a role to play as well. Think not only about consumer products, consider relationships, careers, politics. Even those desires that seem intuitive may only feel this way because we have been conditioned through our environment.

Ultimately we have enough trouble identifying what we want. Once that has been determined I invite you to ask – what are the influences involved in so structuring this desire?

Not every example needs to be considered to this depth. For example; I’m tired and I’m going to bed now. Mostly biological, somewhat cultural, and I have no regrets.


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engineer and armchair philosopher
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