Meta Maps – GIS Photo Album

Go to google earth and you’ll already see lots of photos tagged to locations so that you can the personal perspective of that area. Camera phones and some regular cameras already have GPS in them. Your photo albums already auto sort chronologically, and the facial recognition is getting better. Now imagine that you program your own personal layer in google earth where you can select the year and location and populate the map with all photos of or by you.

Visualize this example. I select boston 2006 and I see each of my albums as pop-outs of a given location. I roll over the satellite view of the Track & Tennis center and I see the three albums from major meets that year that I took. I choose to stick to that one location and expand to all four years of school. I expand the radius around the track center and start to pick up albums from various college parties that I attended in the backstreets of Allston. I keep all years selected, but restrict calendar days to the week around Halloween. I then widen the geographic context for these albums to all of Boston, then the world. The album from Halloween in London 2007 pops up, so I hop across the pond in a google earth swoosh. In europe I remove all date and time restrictions and see geographic tabulation of all of my travels- not just the pictures that other people took of the same things.

Think this is far off? I bet there are things like this out there already. You have probably seen the Photosynth videos – I’m just waiting for something like this to hit facebook.

Your photo albums already auto sort chronologically, and the facial recognition is getting better. Now imagine that you don’t have to even make an album yourself. Just dump your camera onto facebook and it automatically creates clusters of photos along multiple dimensions: Time, space, and face. The camera already records when and where, the software picks up who is in the photo. The same privacy controls still exist for all pictures of you, only without the hassle of tagging.

In this example if you want to designate an event, you just saw Emily’s birthday and set the times you want and all pictures of people who are friends, or friends of friends that occurred in clustered location on a specified date will autosort into an “album”

Your GIS photo album is coming soon, so take all your pictures with a GPS enabled device…


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One Response to Meta Maps – GIS Photo Album

  1. Jeff says:

    ok. so I found out that iPhoto already does this. Well, good for them. Google earth – what is wrong with you? maybe picasa does this too.

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