Head vs. Heart

Two fundamental decision-making algorithms:

1) Intuitive/emotional (heart)

2) logical/rational (head)

We call the second type of decision, rational – but what happens when you “logically” convince yourself of something ridiculous?Intuition is a powerful tool to check even more thought out decisions. Intuition doesn’t mean instant though, you can reflect on a question without reasoning. Either method may be effective, but for some reason it is so much easier to trust decisions made  in your mind because at least you can see the math. It is harder to check emotional decisions.

Of course you always need both head and heart The central question is then – how do you resolve disputes between these two sides when answers to the same question come up differently? I suppose the answer is training.

let me end saying simply that the best use for our reasoning faculty is in the post-rationalization of decisions made on intuition.


About livingthememe

engineer and armchair philosopher
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