How come nobody says “you’re welcome” anymore?

The title line says it all. I won’t belabor the point – just take note in your next conversations.

My first hypothesis on why:

“at work” When there is an interaction between two colleagues at work if A says “thank you” to B, then B “did something for” A. This means A is the ‘boss’ and B and is the ‘bitch’.  If B says “thank you” for A, then B is really in charge and A was just helping out. The result is two thank yous because people like to think of themselves as “in charge” and everybody else is just helping – regardless of title.

“socially” We’re just so afraid that somebody else did something for us that we’re forgetting about. A says “thanks for coming over”. B says “thanks for having me”. Saying “you’re welcome” just gets in the way and lets you forget that you’re not the only one helping out.

Why is this important?

It’s not, we just replace an outdated phrase “you’re welcome” (what did that ever mean anyway?) with more modern ones; no problem, yup, sure thing, you got it.


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